Benefits of Factoring

1. Factoring is easy and fast. The application required to establish a factoring relationship is much simpler than any other form of financing, and financing can occur within one week of receipt of agreements.

2. Unlimited capital. Factoring is the only source of financing that grows with your sales. As sales increase, more money becomes immediately available to you.

3. Take advantage of early payment discounts. Factoring may allow you to take advantage of early payment terms offered by your suppliers.

4. Take advantage of volume discounts. Improved cash flow will enable you to save money through volume purchasing.

5. Invoice processing and collections. Factors handle much of the work associated with processing invoices and collecting payments. This will greatly reduce your overhead costs.

6. Offer credit terms to customers. With factoring, you can offer credit terms (or extended credit terms) to your customers without negatively impacting your cash flow.

7. Stop offering early payment discounts to customers. Since companies that factor receive their money immediately, they don't need to offer these expensive, early payment discounts to their customers.

8. Don't give up equity. You do not give up any equity in the company or take on any partners with factoring.

9. Don't incur any debt. Factoring is not a loan and therefore you are not incurring any debt. This keeps your balance sheet looking good, thereby making it easier for you to obtain other types of financing.

10. Factoring helps build credit. Once you begin factoring and you have adequate cash flow, you can begin to pay your bills in a timelier manner and start improving your credit.

11. Leverage off your customers credit. A company does not need to be credit worthy to factor. If you have credit worthy customers, you can get financing through a factor.

12. Invoices are paid faster. Because factors report payment experiences to Dun & Bradstreet and other credit agencies, customers pay invoices faster to keep their credit ratings in good standing.

13. Concentrate on marketing and growing the business. Factoring frees you up to concentrate on marketing, sales and growing the business.

14. Early-warning detection of customer service problems. Because factors verify invoices with customers, they may discover customer service problems much more quickly than you would.

15. Credit screening. A factor will provide credit information on new customers for you, which enables you to make better business decisions.